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Nurturing new ideas for development

Boost launched the National Idea Pitch Competition 2021 as part of a collaborative programming with strategic and community partners in Saint Lucia’s ecosystem. This initiative is a deliberate attempt to incite entrepreneurship, innovation and continuous improvement among our youth and wider society towards sustainable growth as well as domestic investment.

The NIPC serves as an opportunity to create a new avenue to be financially sound in a post Covid 19 ecosystem, build a stronger network environment for entrepreneurs, enhance the entrepreneurial culture even further, encourage collaborations and networking, showcase easily accessible resources, and establish the business incubator and accelerator programme. This competition serves as a start of boosting the current entrepreneur ecosystem.



Boost X and WEB Series

Part of the overall programme and in keeping with the goal of connecting and educating our entrepreneurs, Boost features a series of virtual panel events. 

Boost X

A free virtual panel discussion event that focuses on a themed topic with various entrepreneurs from different backgrounds or sectors. Participants can learn more about managing and overcoming obstacles of a business from idea to conceptualization and finally implementation. Participants can also ask crucial questions directly to the panel, take part in polls/surveys and participate in question and answer segments.

The X in Boost X represents the X-factor, a variable given situation that could have the most significant impact on an outcome, to which the hope is that these panels and discussions create such a situation for the best outcome of our entrepreneurs.

Boost X will occur once every month with dynamic entrepreneur panels.

WEB Series

Women Empowered in Business (WEB series), features women in the entrepreneurial ecosystem that have had success. The goal is to inspire other women to enter the space and feel empowered. We truly believe the best way to empower women in entrepreneurship is by the wisdom of those who walked before them and their extraordinary stories. 

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