National Idea Pitch Competition



Ever had an innovative or creative idea that you want to develop? Are you looking to enter the entrepreneurship world to assist in reaching your goals? Looking to be successful in your ventures?  Well here is your chance with the first ever National Idea Pitch Competition.


You will be able to submit an innovative or creative idea to possibly be one of five finalists to compete in our first ever National Business Development Programme. If selected, you will receive start up essentials training, mentorship, brand and marketing assistance, accounting and financial management training and the opportunity to pitch a completed business plan to a qualified panel of judges. You will have a chance to win additional development opportunities and prizes.



To participate in this competition, the following criteria must be met:

  • Must be a Saint Lucian national 

  • Must be 18 years old and over to apply

  • Submitted ideas must reflect an innovative or creative aspect that would help change or influence the current business environment

  • The innovation must arise from a wholly original idea and should not already be implemented in a currently established business. The idea may involve the creation of a new commodity in an already existing enterprise.


Contestants must complete this online application form and submit a one or two page description of their innovative or creative idea.

The description of your idea should include the following:

  • General description of the product or service

  • Apparent need for the product or service

  • The potential value gained by all potential customers and/or society

  • Uniqueness and features of the product or service

  • The projected addressable market size

  • Plausibility of the financial case or basic financial analysis

Ideas submitted will be the intellectual property of those who have submitted it.

An expert panel of judges will evaluate each submission based on the criteria below and select FIVE finalists that will be part of the National Business Development Programme. This programme will run from  Feb 15th –March 26th , 2021. Please note that you would need to dedicate a minimum of 3-4 hours a day, 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) during that period for the programme.

Please view the Judging Criteria for a better understanding of submitting your proposal. 

Deadline for Submissions : Wednesday , February 17th, 2021