National Idea Pitch Competition 

Judging Criteria

Judges will score each submission based on the 5 subject criteria below:

The Idea


The idea must be clear, innovative and must present a compelling answer to the question “What value will you create and for whom”. The following must be true for the strongest ideas:

  • The end user/buyer/client is compelled by this offering and the team or brand has identified a very significant “need” or “want” in the current marketplace

  • The offering is very clearly articulated in terms of value proposition that is differentiated – the team or brand leaves no questions about what  benefits the commodity, good, service, or experience offers the customer/client and how those benefits are offered in terms of features, functions, etc.

The Market


“Who” will be served is clear as is the why these buyers/clients will use the product or service. The following would be true for the strongest ideas:

  • There is significant market of potential buyers/users/clients and or this market is likely to grow

  • There is evidence that the market needs are unmet or underserved.

  • The team or brand must articulate how their offering is significantly different from competing offerings


Financial Analysis

Rationale of financial sustainability is sound. The following would be true for the strongest ideas

  • Your “Business Idea” is clearly described and viable in generating revenues that exceed costs

  • Evidence that supports economic logic is present and estimates seem to be based on reasonable assumptions – i.e. , the team or brand has considered startup and ongoing costs, made reasonable assumptions about pricing and sales needed to breakeven, a sales forecast, gross margin, etc.

  • Estimates strongly suggest that there is a significant potential for financial sustainability


Team Capabilities and Professionalism 

There is a good match between the team and the idea that can support significant value creation. The following are true of the strongest ideas:


  • The team inspires confidence in potential investors

  • Written proposal satisfies all requirements and presents as a high-quality written document (no spelling/grammar errors, appropriate use of headings, tables/charts/figures, and formatting to facilitate reader’s understanding)


Overall Innovativeness 

This team and their idea have a strong chance for success in the marketplace. The following are true of ideas with the strongest chance for success:


  • Solves a problem in a new way: interesting, innovative, creative – clear value proposition

  • Have addressed key success factors: Clearly meets a need and identifies a target market, recognizes and working on important challenges,

  • Is viable: sounds like it could work – technically, financially, conceptually

  • Is professional: team is capable, cohesive, knowledgeable, and confident