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Boost is an incubator and accelerator programme , located in Saint Lucia,  that encompasses a community of strategic partners, startups, entrepreneurs, and business minded individuals working together to transform the entrepreneurship landscape even further, and by extension catalyse the innovative culture that thrives on island.

One of the key goals for Boost is to put individuals, small firms, and start-ups together in a community that focuses on building the best connections, supporting creative and transformative ideas, measuring key milestones and supporting strategic goals.

Our Business Virtual Hub is powered by Startup Space, which allows for the creation of a digital membership database, quick access to vital resources, support from a mentorship program and business development program, community forums, interactive learning platforms, and an events calendar. The goal of our Business Virtual Hub is is to connect entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals to key information, expertise, research and to each other in order to bridge the gap between businesspersons and all other organizations and agencies who can assist them with reaching milestones.

We have also partnered with key entrepreneurial support agencies both locally, regionally and internationally,  in order to provide a stronger ecosystem for entrepreneurs. 

We believe that every entrepreneur should have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and the virtual business incubator and accelerator programme is a start to empowering people to do that.

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